The following tours have been offered in the past and are available upon request.

Ghost & True Crime Tours

Departures for this spine-chilling adventure run throughout the spookiest month of the year, ending Oct. 31st.


for pop-up tours on the Full Moon! True crime meets suspected hauntings on this hour long walking tour! Come delve into the eerie world of ghosts, murder, and grisly accidents in downtown Corvallis.  

ghosts made of marshmellows with zombie lips to represent ghost walking tours in corvallis oregon

books on strings hanging from pegs to represent the stories not told as part of the white male settler canon.

Alive in the Margins

The often-overlooked narratives of women, queerfolk, and people of color have shaped and enriched the tapestry of history. Come hear remarkable stories of individuals whose struggles, triumphs, and contributions defied societal norms and odds to leave an indelible mark on the course of history.

Luxury Travel of 1800s Corvallis

Meet downtown Corvallis streets and waterways as they existed in the past. Trace the evolution of local transit from the clatter of horse hooves to the clacking of the very first automobiles.

An arrow pointing at the words Luxury travel of 1800s Corvallis  - the name of a walking tour that is one of many things to do in Corvallis Oregon

upside down and backward clocks with antiquated appearance to represent traveling back in time to visit Corvallis' past on a historic walking tour through downtown

Movers, Shakers & Plan Makers

This 11-stop adventure through downtown reveals transit history, architectural tells, and echoes of civic and economic influences. See echoes of the past in places you’d likely walk right by none the wiser!  

Corvallis 101

Whether you’re new to Corvallis, visiting, or a local who is new to Corvallis history, welcome to Corvallis 101!

Over an hour walking to nine stops we’ll explore how global trade, conflicts, and economic shifts have shaped Corvallis history.

Come find out how forces in the wider world left their mark on the community.

the words "Corvallis 101" and a drawing of a lightbulb on a blue brick background to represent a tour that answers what is the origin of Corvallis Oregon and what is corvallis known for?

The words corvallis 201 and a squiggle that suggests water with a clipart footprint. background is a close up of tree growth rings. photo represents a tour that explores some of Corvallis' hidden gems

Corvallis 201

Join us on a walking tour crafted especially for anyone familiar with downtown streets! Together, we’ll spend an hour peeling back the layers, discovering stories behind the familiar facades and beloved landmarks. Get ready for a fresh perspective on the town you thought you knew so well. Deepen your connection to Corvallis:

Bet You Didn’t Know…

Even lifelong Corvallis folks are bound to discover new brain bombs on this one-hour guided walking adventure.

Level up your local cred. Learn about:

  • the size of the mega ice dam that is now part of our fertile farms
  • the time when the Pacific Northwest was Siberia 2.0
  • the Kalapuya population after the Oregon Trail became famous
  • how the Jetson’s era played out in Corvallis

Corvallis visitors are welcome, too!


a beige tinted lightbulb against a beige backdrop to indicate the illumination of those living in corvallis oregon once they experience a walking tour full of fun facts about corvallis


two eucaplytus cuttings in a clear vase to illustrate a pair of people going on a corvallis date night

Date Night
Walking Adventure

Bring your BAE, your bestie, or a buddy-to-be on a Friday night edutainment spree!

Make this theatrical storytelling adventure part of your escapades! Learn:

  • what Flathead Cherries and Corvallis-area farms have in common
  • why downtown has no parking garages
  • what charisma had to do with the Oregon Trail
  • the dark history of a Darkside-adjacent spot

We look forward to welcoming you and your co-conspirator

Palettes & the Past

Come walk the line between art and the ages. Between photo ops at some of the most popular murals in Corvallis we’ll hear about how the location is connected is connected to Corvallis’ past. We’ll weave together a vibrant tapestry of street art and stories that define our city.  

historic paintbrush loaded with a rainbow of paint to evoke the murals seen on the guided historic walking tour that stops at mural locations along the corvallis murals walking tour