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Meet Your Streets!

A complimentary storytelling tour that promises a new adventure each month.

The next tours are:
June 7th, 2024
July 5th, 2024

These free guided walking tours connect you to new stories each month as we explore an invisible side of downtown Corvallis on foot. More than a tour; it’s an invitation to connect with
the heartbeat of the city!

Free tickets required for this 45 minute tour.
The supply becomes available
on eventbrite a few weeks out.

Join us every 1st Friday at 5:30,
May to October

event poster about free guided walking tour in corvallis on first fridays at 5:30 meeting at location on your free ticket at 5:15, staring the tour at 5:30 with a different tour each month come hear a story.

an acorn seedling in a clear glass container to represent placekeeping - one of the things to do in Corvallis Oregon.

Corvallis Placekeeping: Walking Seminar

If you care about community stewardship, this one-hour walking event is for you.

June 11, 15, and 30.

Tickets, times, descriptions here.

Placekeeping: the active care and maintenance of a place and its social fabric by the people who live and work there.

Learn what medieval forests in Europe have to do with the Pacific Northwest and which was locally the most destructive decade of the 1900s. Become a Corvallis storykeeper!

A Sip of History

Even lifelong Corvallis folks are bound to discover new stories on this 75-minute guided walking adventure that ends with a tulip pour at local craft beer bar – The Bière Library – in a building connected to the tour.

June 10, 12, 16, 27, and 30.

Tickets & times here.

Before we sip, we’ll learn about:

  • the size of the mega ice dam that is now part of our fertile farms
  • the time when the Pacific Northwest was Siberia 2.0
  • the Kalapuya population after the Oregon Trail became famous
  • how the Jetson’s-era played out in Corvallis

two beers with barrels in background representing the end of the sip of history walking tour in corvallis oregon

Corvallis Welcome Tour

Get acquainted with charming Corvallis!

June 10 & 26, July 2 & 3.

Tickets & descriptions here.

Here for an OSU event? Visiting? New to town? Let Engage Corvallis welcome you!

This captivating walking adventure covers an hour of Corvallis’ most significant and pivotal history, including:

  • what Montana has to do with the Willamette Valley’s agriculture
  • what caused the biggest financial collapse in the town’s history
  • how Corvallis is connected to the global shipping

Locals welcome, too!

Biographies & Beer

Delve into captivating biographies of notable figures who once roamed Corvallis streets, then toast our predecessors and hear a final story at a local craft beer bar in a historic downtown building.

June 5, 14, 15, 16, 26, 30
July 5th.

Tickets & times here.

Tulip pour at The Bière Library is included. Non-alcoholic options available. We look forward to welcoming you!

glasses and a book with beer in background to illustrate one of many corvallis oregon date ideas

yellow and teal balloons representing people mingling on a singles-mingle walking tour in corvallis oregon

Singles Mingle

We bet you’ll leave with a crush on Corvallis, and maybe even a new connection.

June 5, 14, 15, 27.

Tickets & times here.

Join fellow singles on a downtown Corvallis adventure. Over 75-minutes we’ll get introduced to other participants, hear stories from four eras in history, and raise our glasses to new connections.

Tulip pour at The Bière Library is included. Non-alcoholic options available. We look forward to welcoming you!

Pups & the Past

Leash up your pup and lace up your walking shoes for a paw-some historical adventure on the streets of downtown Corvallis.

June 25, July 2 & 3.

Tickets & times here.

We’ll sniff out the stories of stalwarts, scholars, and sculptors of history who are connected to Corvallis. Turn your after-work walk into educational exercise!

We welcome well-behaved, leashed dogs who get along with others of the canine persuasion.

two dogs wearing accessories representing dog friendly things to do in corvallis oregon - a walking tour that is dog friendly!

ghosts made of marshmellows with zombie lips to represent ghost walking tours in corvallis oregon

Ghosts & True Crimes

Join a spine-chilling adventure at the spookiest time of the month – full moon!

June 20th.

Tickets & descriptions here.

True crime meets suspected hauntings on this hour long walking tour! Come delve into the eerie world of ghosts, murder, and grisly accidents in downtown Corvallis.

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